Hello neighbour and welcome to Fenriz!

As a fellow tenant of Lobeckstr. 36 we want to invite you over for a workout.

Fitness, Mobility & Yoga

Not just oldschool weightlifting. Functional means the movements you practice translate 1-1 into every day movements. Get in great shape and let no set of stairs or heavy grocerie bags ruin your day from now on.

Mixed Martial Arts

Experience an extremely fun way to work out and get in shape. Improved coordination, cardio, strength and less stress are just a few of the many health benefits. We offer courses from beginners to advanced.

BJJ & Grappling

BJJ  is a traditional martial art from Brazil. The focus is not on kicks or punches but on dominance through technique and leverage. Mobility, coordination and cardio come naturally while you learn 100s of techniques from our Brazil born blackbelt Felipe Cançado.

Balance your worklife, kickstart your office days and reap the physical and mental health benefits.

 Only footsteps away from your desk | Monthly cancellation | Special Discount for tenants of Lobeckstr. 36


Since we are neighbours, we thought of something special…

Our ‚Fenriz Inhouse Special‘ available to all tenants of Lobeckstr. 36, whether freelancer, corporation or anything in between.

No obligations, you can cancel on a monthly basis.

We can arrange courses for your entire team. If you want to take advantage of our discounts or make another inquiry leave us a message and we'll get in touch within 24h.